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1-1 Sessions

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Private sessions allow for more focus and devotion to your workout, whether that’s physically or mentally. 

Typical goals include:-
Learning Pilates Principles or deepening Yoga practice
Pre-op preparation
Post-Op rehabilitation
Lower back pain
Regaining muscular strength and length
Support work for other physical performances
Relaxation techniques

A single session or block of 5 is usually recommended. Whatever your aim is we will plan and evaluate along the way to achieve the results you want.
Pilates equipment at the South Woodford studio or small props in Chingford or home visits add a fun and productive dimension to your bodywork.

Home visits are possible in North East London and West Essex
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Group Sessions

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Group sessions provide a supportive community setting for your workout. The classes are warm and welcoming, cater for all levels and are currently available in South Woodford and Chingford.

The group sizes are restricted to a maximum of 12 which allows me to focus and support you with technique more productively. 

In Pilates lessons we use small props such as the foam roller, Swiss ball and resistance bands to add more fun and interest to the exercises. These are provided so don't worry about bringing your own!

For Yoga lessons you will just need a sticky mat - one which lets your feet grip and maybe a blanket depending on the weather.

Group sessions last one hour and are available in blocks of 5 for 5 consecutive weeks.
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Upcoming Events

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10th Jun 22
Gong Bath Mornington Hall £15
20th May 22
Ground & Sound £55
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My classes and events take place across a range of venues across East London.

South Woodford

  • Gwinnell Church Hall
  • St Mary’s,
  • 207 High Rd,
  • South Woodford.
  • E18 2PA


  • Old Buffet Hall
  • Chingford Station,
  • Station Rd,
  • Chingford.
  • E4 6LA
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Get in Touch

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    07930 267 400
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    Cool & The Gong provide Yoga and Pilates classes as well as Gong Ceremony events online and at venues around East London including Chingford and South Woodford.
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